Shona Stone Sculpture – A Modern Renaissance

To produce a Shona stone sculpture is, from an artist’s perspective, to free the spirit of the stone – to chip away the mold that envelops the existing masterpiece within. Not only does this remarkable African art form allow artistic expression, it is perpetuating a glimmer of hope and stability in a devastated third world country.

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Abstract Art to Exquisite Realism

From modern abstract art to traditional tribal carvings to stunning replicas of African wildlife, Shona sculptures and Zimbabwe artists are garnering worldwide attention and respect. In fact, internationally acclaimed Shona stone sculptures adorn the homes, gardens and offices of both admirers and discerning art collectors alike. Magnificent Shona art statues are also revered in fine galleries and museums around the globe.

Shona Sculpture – Contemporary African Art Etched in Tradition

While many attribute the emergence of Shona stone sculpture to the inspiring work of Frank McEwen in the 1950’s, it can be argued that the evolution of this contemporary African art movement has been ongoing for over 2000 years.

Gaze upon the intricate detail of an angel’s wing or the grizzly beard of an ancient chief and it is evident that this African art form is a refined craft deeply rooted in legend, folklore and ancestry. There are no art lessons that can teach this gift. Shona stone sculptures are an expression of the soul.

Muvezi Shona Stone Sculptures – Carving the Future

Muvezi’s artists have been selected from among thousands for their superior sculpting talents and creative ingenuity. They are sent weekly shipments of the finest stone available in Zimbabwe, which are transformed into marvellous symbols of hope, health and prosperity.

Muvezi fosters an environment that encourages freedom of expression and the production of the best quality Shona stone sculptures available today. Browse our unique collection and experience the majesty of this tribal art form.