Shona Carvers are Saved from Disparity

Almost lost in a country of economic struggle and despair, Zimbabwe Shona carvers have been lapsing into extinction in a shift for survival. Recognizing the need to save this tribal art form, Muvezi established a global effort to support these talented African artists and their families. Please read Our Story and discover how this important relationship has contributed to artistic and cultural revitalization.

Enter Shona African Art Gallery

Shona Stone Sculpture – Once Admired, Now Revered

Emerging as the largest contemporary art movement birthed from Africa, Shona stone sculptures are treasured internationally in fine galleries and museums. Building on this solid foundation, Muvezi has established a system that is encouraging the very best Shona carvers to take their craft to the next level.

One of Muvezi’s partners lives in Zimbabwe and fosters relationships with the master sculpture artists . This commitment is further demonstrated through the provision of large pieces of high quality stone and the purchase of finished pieces on a consistent basis. This newfound “job security” is encouraging unprecedented artistic expression and the creation of the most spectacular sculptures to date.

Abstract or Traditional Art from the Shona Tribe in Zimbabwe

The Shona tribe in Zimbabwe blends fresh ideas with traditional techniques and beliefs to offer a wide range of contemporary and traditional stone carvings. Choose from among simple or truly majestic bird, animal, human, or abstract interpretations.

Shona Stone Sculptures Inspire Balance

Shona stone sculptures complement any corporate or home decor. This original hand carved African art creates a synergy of mind and spirit that is renewed with each experience of the Shona carvers.

Muvezi represents excellence in choice of artists and quality of carvings. Browse our unique collection of Shona stone sculptures and experience the magnificence of this tribal art form.